The truck

Since we made the decision to live in a truck, Niels could be found behind his computer roaming the internet even more. Searching for our future mobile home, looking at trucks, prices and availability. Not only to dream about, but for real this time.

Of course we also watched videos together of habitable trucks and the people living in them. We talked and dreamed endlessly about what was to be our new house. And then… one of the trucks we had been gaping at in a video just a couple of days earlier, turned out to be for sale! This kind of truck had seemed way out of our league for us, but suddenly appeared to be in our reach.

So we didn’t wait long to contact the seller of the truck in Germany. And no more than two days later we were on the road and on our way to look at our possible future home. The appointment with the seller wouldn’t be till the next day, but we couldn’t wait to see the truck and left a day early to take a peek. And there it was, the truck we’ve been waiting to see, and how beautiful she was!

After a restless night of sleep on a campsite near the Rhine, the moment was finally there to meet the seller. Both of us anxious to meet him, because this was what both of us really wanted!

The meeting with the seller, builder of expedition trucks, was everything we hoped it would be and more. What a great guy! And what a beautiful things he makes. Especially the truck we were there for. The project he worked on with so much love and craftsmanship, that he originally designed and built for himself. It was clear to us that this truck was near to his heart and that he wouldn’t just sell it to everybody. We made him an offer, some negotiation followed, hands were shaken, the truck was ours!!!

Quiet with disbelief an filled with happiness we rode back to the Netherlands. Not jet with the truck, which we will pick up in a few weeks.

We did it! We bought a truck!!
Even better, we bought a house, our house!!!


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