Our trip to the RDW

Last September we brought the MAN home from Germany. Since then we’ve been enjoying looking it and working on building our home in it. What we aren’t able to do with it is driving it though!

Not in the least because we both simply don’t have our truck drivers license yet (which is being worked on 😉). But mainly also because the MAN doesn’t have its Dutch license plates yet and therefore is not allowed on the public roads at all.

So, time to take the MAN on a visit to the RDW (Dutch Trafic Authority) to get that sorted out! The appointment was made, a one day license and one day insurance was issued, Jan Piet (who does have the proper drivers license and was also kind enough to drive the MAN from Germany to our home) was asked to drive and on our way we were.

A both tense and exciting day for us. What if they were to find mayor issues with it?That could have enormous consequences financially. And if the truck was to be rejected as a whole? That could even mean the end of our adventure with the MAN.

So with good hopes and sweaty palms we reported to the RDW on the day of inspection. After being weighed on the weigh bridge we, attracting a lot of interest of the employees and visitors of the RDW, proudly drove the MAN inside of the station.

After telling the inspector everything we know about the MAN, the inspection began. Starting off with checking the numbers on the vehicle and its papers. Followed by taking its measurements from all angles.

The machine room (what you would normally call the hood of the car) was studied.

And the chassis and the (enormous) wheels and tires were thoroughly looked at, making sure they turn correctly and the brakes work properly.

After that it’s time to check all bells and whistles (windscreen wipers, lights, etc) after which it was time for the emission test.

During the whole inspection the truck goes from check to check along the inspection line. And then, on the end of the line it’s time for the moment of truth…

A sigh of relief as we got the results, our MAN passed the test with flying colours! Our near 40 year old truck is in very good condition, like new. What a relief! Only on one point did our MAN not meet the Dutch safety standards, and that is a missing bumper on the back. If we were to make sure to have a suitable bumper fitted within a certain amount of time, the truck should be good to go.

With this task at hand we return home. Where we started working on the design and ordering of the parts immediately. With a big thumbs up to the craftsmanship of David for the design and Lammert for construction and montage!

With our new bumper fitted we returned to the RDW a while later to have it assessed. This time we didn’t have to wait for the good news for long, our new bumper, and with it the MAN, was approved! What a fantastic news, we couldn’t have been happier!

A few days later we received the letter with the Dutch license. We were so happy and proud!

So now it’s really time for us to get our truck drivers license, so that we can hit the road! Niels is very busy studying, because he can’t wait!

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