Apart from the work on the inside, the outside of our lovely home also needs attention. Not to rule out the technical side of (riding in) a truck, but more to come about that in a blog later on….

The wooden construction on top of the truck is executed in locally sourced (for the original builder from Cologne) Schwarzwalder Pine. It is beautiful, but also fairly soft wood. Which certainly in our Dutch climate asks for some extra love and attention.
So after a very hot and dry summer here it was time for a new and fresh coat of wood-stain!

So time to roll up our sleeves 💪

This is what the outside looked like before…

With the first strokes of “paint”.

Bit by bit…

…the truck is being covered in a fresh coat of stain.

Only a “small” piece to go…

…Et voilà! The transformation is complete! 🤗

Wrapping it up with a before and after pic 🙌

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