Less than a month ago Niels and I decided to say goodbye to our lives in the city in exchange for a house on wheels. And wow, so much has happened and started moving since that moment!

Barely two days after we made our decision we set off to our landlord, armed with cake and a letter, to end the lease on our lovely little house near the park. And after having been a tenant there for 18 years walked out their door, short of a house and one month to go to clear the place and hand in the keys for good.

In one month time we will no longer have a house to live in, but we also don’t have a truck lined up yet. Fortunately we do have a nice place to stay for as long as we need with Niels’s parents. And the great prospect of an amazingly beautiful pitch for our future mobile house at the same lovely farm.

So still no truck in sight and financially far from being a done deal yet to be able to realise our adventurous plans.

What we did know was that we would have to sell Niels’s sturdy Land Rover 127 ánd our Wolf ambulance unit from the British army. This nice combination, our first project together we lovingly called “the Wolf”, lended itself very well for our first plans: travel, but was really to small to live in.

But how? And to whom can you sell a weird thing like this? And what kind of price can we ask? It is a beautiful combination, but also needs a Lilly work. Selling it has all the potential of becoming a lengthy process.

We couldn’t have been more wrong. To our big surprise the whole thing sold in less than two days. And with pain in our hearts we saw the first project we started together driving off, on its way to its new owner.

Saying goodbye

The thought of our new home quickly softened the pain though. Because in the mean time we found it, our truck, our home. And what a truck, more amazing than we ever would have dared to think…

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