Building update 5 – the kitchen

Along with our sitting area, also the kitchen in our Tiny House was coming together very nicely. 

This is where the kitchen started…

Cabinets and fridge installed. 
This antique bowl has been given a second life as our sink.
The countertop too was beginning to take shape nicely 👍
Here with the sink, stone plates and cooker incorporated.
And assembled into the kitchen 🤗
In the mean time we were already making good use of the cupboards ☺️
Lovely handmade kitchen doors by Niels ❤️
First “draft” of the cabinet…
But new insights (and a wonderful gift from Don and Jenn) brought it to this… wíth dishwasher (we never had it this luxurious!) ánd ventilation up into the trash can (so no more nasty smells ever again!) 😊

Let me introduce you to our lovely kitchen: 😎

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