Build update 3 – floor!

It has been very quiet on our blog for a while. So high time for the next update. And what could be a better occasion than our most recent milestone: our flooring! πŸ™‚

The progress on our moving house (lovingly renamed Wheella by Niels’ brother David πŸ˜†) is visible throughout the whole truck. Slowly but surely the original skeleton is being converted more and more into a true and real interior. Some of the components are even on the verge of being completed. But besides our bedroom (link), which we started using in … and where we have been contently sleeping ever since, none of the parts are completely fished yet.

Until last week that is, when the moment was there to get our flooring done!

Beforehand some last minute details had to be sorted out. For which a part of the underneath flooring even had to be temporarily removed to be able to reroute a piece of the floor heating. As to the purpose of that nice hole, read more about that in an upcoming blog… πŸ˜‰

Picking up some last materials.

After which the laying of the floor could be started. With our sincerest thanks to Chris Bouwhuis of van Bouwhuis Parket in Leeuwarden.

Niels sanding the floor.

Already so beautiful! (And also a small sneak peak of our kitchen ☺️, on which also more in a blog to come…)

After two layers of oil we can enjoy the amazing end result. We are over the moon happy with it!

Some people select their pets to match their interior. It just so happens our new interior goes very well with our sweet Thorin 😁

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