Build update 2 – bedroom finished!

The build is getting along nicely. The last couple of days we have been putting a lot of hours into the bedroom, because tonight will be our first night sleeping in the MAN. We added a frame for our mattress, created cabinets at the head end, installed electricity, dressed the floor up with soft and fluffy carpet and crafted the stairs. Tonight we moved in our mattress, made the bed and in a few hours we will experience for the first time what it is like to sleep in our new spot. A very special moment for us!

Of course we’ve also been making progress on the rest of the interior. The floor heating has been covered by a wooden layer, on top of which the top floor will be placed. Also the first outlines of the kitchen, bathroom and seats are becoming visible. The walls and ceilings have been covered in a layer of dye and the first interior wall in the hallway is in place. The wall separating the kitchen from the bathroom was added so we can start electrical work, placing water pipes and the installation of the electric boiler.

After all that is done we will continue by closing the walls between the living area and the bathroom and the finishings of the seats. The kitchen will be provided with a counter top, cabinets, drawers and appliances. After which it is time for the bathroom. We won’t be getting bored any time soon 😉.

The bed frame.

Cabinets and electricity.

The stairs to be.

Work in progress.

Outlines of the kitchen.

Outlines of the seating area.

View on the bathroom.

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