Build update 1

After we brought the MAN home we immediately started the construction of our home inside. The outside of the structure also needs some TLC, but we decided to postpone this till the weather gets better. We did improve the drainage on the outside to assure a more gradual discharge of rainwater in the meantime (with a big thumbs up to Lammert! 👍).

A lot has been done since we started! The original builder left us a a very correct and decent foundation to start working on. But there is yet a lot to be done before we can start living in it.

Our starting point:

And then the exploring, measuring and planning could begin.

After insulating the floor it was time for a work meeting…

and placing the first layer of wood on the floor.

After which it was time for the walls.

Followed by the ceilings.

More hands make the work handier!

Progressing nicely!

So much so that it was time to place the underfloor heating.
First in the bedroom…

and then on the floor downstairs.

Bit by bit the contours of our new home are getting clearer and clearer. We continue building slowly but surely, enjoying every bit of new home that arises.

On to the next steps, outlining the new walls on the floor, placing a base layer on top of the underfloor heating and adding the top floor.

To be continued! ☺️

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Nils B.

3 years ago

Hey ,could you tell me how the isolation of the walls is done? Is there a layer between the wood and the isolation? How thick are the walls?